Monday, 28 November 2011

Looking for a hideaway .....

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Thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments on my last blog post.  It seems a lot of us Mums could do with a bolt hole away from the madness of family life :-)  I have therefore been looking for a property for us all :-)  Just think how wonderful it would be to hide away in one of these places.  Love the hobbit house (or cob house as they are known) above.
 Or how about a little Gypsy Caravan ....

A cute little garden studio, we could use a hammock as a bed :-)

A cute little pod that looks like some sort of bird creature .....
Or a converted, very pretty garden shed .....
Or maybe a Camper just like the ones shown on Suz Place's blog ....

We could all club together and buy somewhere where we could run away and just be 'me' for a while.  We could do something creative, read books, potter around the garden or even just snooze without interruption :-)  We could have a rota so that we all got away for a couple of nights every few months.  Oooohh what a dream (this dream is taking place whilst Eldest Sweetpea is asking me a mathematics equation :-S)!  One day, one day I will have a little space of my own but I probably won't NEED it then :-) 

Sorry for all the dreaming :-) The Sweetpeas were meant to go to their Nan and Grandads this weekend just gone but none of them wanted to go in the end :-(  Mr Sweetpea was 40 so we wanted some very rare time for ourselves but that all went out of the window.  They don't often sleep round their Grandparents so we were looking forward to it , hey ho.  I have also had a bad cold for the last few days (11 days and counting) which seems to be getting worse rather than better -  grrr I spent last night from 1.30 am - 3.30 am watching tv because of it, just when I don't need to lose any more sleep.  I have therefore been grateful for little things that make me happy :

My wool stash has arrived :-)  I am not sure about the turquoise just yet, some days I love it against the other colours, other days I don't.

I received a lovely soap from Handmade Haven , wow it smells nice and was so nicely packaged :-)

I have also been enjoying creating felted things for my facebook shop and for home :-)

I hope you have  a fantastic week free from germs and horrid colds. xxx


  1. oh you got me dreaming too, how wonderful to hide away like the teletubbies, or to stay in a traveling caravan. Oh i have a pic of the most fab tree house vacation, but on the understanding no kids o and no drink just incase you fall out of the tree, he he. Shame you and hubby couldnt get a little special time by yourselves, prehaps another time, when your cold has gone x x

  2. I love the hobbit house- I've always wanted one with a round door! Or a gypsy caravan, yes that would do very nicely :) Hope you feel better soon xxx

  3. I was thinking Teletubbies rather than Hobbits for the first house!

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  4. Aaw, thanks for the soap mention :o)

    I love the hobbit house - I could definitely do with hiding sometimes.

  5. I like the first one best, let's do it!

  6. OK its definetly the VW Camper Van but you or some other Moms will have to drive (I have a fear of roundabouts, I drive huge detours to avoid them), lovely thats sorted!

    Best wishes


  7. I recently sold my little getaway (vintage camper). I did all those things - read, nap, etc. I'm hoping to replace it with a shed to convert into my second favorite little getaway.

  8. I missed your last post Zoe...but ohhhhhh how I can relate! Three little sweetpeas can be a handful at times (all the time?) and you can feel so lost amongst the chaos. Mine are getting a little older now, and while they are still busy, they are less demanding...hang in there! Thankfully we have our little pleasures that keep us sane :)

  9. I too would love a little bolt hole. Thinking about 'tarting' up the little caravan at the bottom of the garden. Might make that my project in the Spring xx

  10. The Hobbit house wins it for me! I would hide away in there like a shot!!
    Hope you feel better soon and have a good week,
    Andrea x

  11. Oh I definitely need the pretty gypsy caravan...even if it was just in my garden for me to sit and craft away the hours....Bliss!...Your yarn stash looks fab and I have developed a real love of turquoise at the moment...not sure how this happened!
    Hope you are feeling much better soon,
    Susan x

  12. I think we'd all be up for that lol! Goergeous hidaways, I'd like them all.
    I like the turquoise it's cheery and cheer is what's needed when it's all grey and dark outside. Your gingerbread men/lady are adorable.
    Hope you feel better soon and get a bit of time alone with your partner.

  13. I love the gypsy caravan, that would be my choice. What a shame you missed out on some time together at the weekend, I had the same trouble with my two when they were younger, hated sleeping out, consequently we've never had much time alone. Is this the yarn for the ripple blanket? I like the turquoise amongst the other colours.

  14. I know exactly how you feel, for me I'd want the VW Camper, so I could change the scenery every time!
    Mine haven't had a night out at grandparents since last New Year's Eve and that was only because I was in labour!! Mine never want to stay out.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  15. Count Me in, the hobbit house would be my choice, I've been lusting after one of them for a while!

    B xxx

  16. Meant to say, I've been saying for years that when I win the lottery I will be a big ol' house in the country where us Mums can escape towhen we feel the need xx

  17. I'm definitely with you and the gypsy caravan would be my perfect hideaway.

    For now it's the allotment and if I can't escape then I lock myself in the bathroom!

    take care,

    Nina x

  18. hello sweetie, I am so sorry about your bad cold and hope that you are able to get out from under it soon. It is so hard to lose sleep. It can make for so much pain.
    I read your last post and I felt like this some of the time too when my children were very small. When they started getting a little older it seemed to get better. I was a stay at home mom too, and that meant few breaks. I now have daughters who are moms and love to give them breaks once in awhile, because I know how hard it is. My husband gives me breaks from Landon's care and I am so thankful to him for it.
    I am so sad that you had to miss the CL fair. That is one of my be able to go to London some day and go to it. I buy every British CL I can get my hands on.

    I love all your dreamy places you found that you would love to hide out in. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

    sending you many, many warm hugs from me...

  19. Love the little hideaways, especially the pretty little flowery green shed! Your yarn is looking beautiful too! Hope you have time this weekend to hideaway and do a little crafting!
    Helen x

  20. love the idea of a vw camper - drive away when all too much! I like the turquoise wool a lot

  21. I am a little late joining this fancy party! Goodness I adore your bolt hole ideas and I think you may remember that I am dreaming of owning a gypsy caravan some day all dolled up... the one you have found here is so pretty.

    I TOTALLY sympathise with everything you wrote. I am a mother of three and most days I feel wrung out like a dishcloth although of course I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM! All that giving and responsibility is draining. Children do give back in many small wonderful ways (thank goodness) BUT they cannot take over the reins, can they?

    I was so poorly early November with bronchitis so again you have all my sympathy. I can only imagine how much you were looking forward to some couple time.... it will happen, probably when you are least expecting it....

    You are not alone!

  22. Oh I sympathise and will be there like a shot when you've finished the hobbit house ;) Take care if yourself and I hope you have some time to get away from it all, a little 'me' time is so very important and I know hard to find when you have a young family. Beth/The Linen Catx


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